Hillary's Hammer™ - The Only Hammer (and Bottle Opener) You'll Ever Have to Buy

2 Hillary's Hammer™ (Maryland Edition) & 2 Hillary's Hanky's™

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Our "crabfeast" promotion was so successful we realized 2 is better than one with these things. After all, weren't crabs meant to be enjoyed with another? So no more codes, just get 2 for 19.99 - and we'll throw in 2 Hanky's so you can clean yourself up after smashing crabs away or even use it as a bib :)

Love her or hate her, we all know this: Hillary knows how to hammer in style. Now you can too - with the exquisite Hillary's Hammer™ (Maryland Edition). This stunning piece of wood was crafted knowing the rigors of running a campaign - that's why it not only offers the chance to hammer but it gives you the opportunity to open hard to eat crabs. So what are you waiting for? After a sunny day at the beach, enjoy Hillary's Hammer™ (Maryland Edition).

"Hard Drives and Hammers...That's what HRC does!" - Maryland Man

THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DESTROY MOBILE DEVICES. However, it is intended to  crush crabs. So next time you're in the mood for a crab feast, grab Hillary's Hammer™ (Maryland Edition).

*Product Note - While this is a novelty item, the wood side of the hammer can be used for crab feasts! After use, we recommend hand washing as opposed to putting them in the dish washer because the wood will expand.

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