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Day 9: Relieve Stress & Pop a Bottle!

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12 Days Of Hillary's Hammer Special!!!!

Day 9: Stress and Pop a Bottle!

After all it's the weekend, so kick back and relax with Hillary's Hammer!

Day 9 gets you: Hillary's Hammer (1) + Election Stress Reliever (1) for 24.99! Check out our friends at Daily Caller for an additional discount! We'll also toss in a Hillary's Hanky for good measure. Be sure to choose what color you want as you add it to your cart :)

Love her or hate her, we all know this: Hillary knows how to hammer in style. Now you can too - with the exquisite Hillary's Hammer™. This stunning piece of Trump Steel was crafted knowing the rigors of running a campaign - that's why it not only offers the chance to hammer but it gives you the opportunity to unwind with a unique bottle opener. So what are you waiting for? After a long day's work, enjoy Hillary's Hammer™.


However, it is intended to open bottles and crush ice. So next time you're thirsty, grab Hillary's Hammer™.

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Ship Date: This deplorable has a day job. So, product will ship over the weekend. 

Caution: This is a novelty product and should not be used to do actual construction work. This product is not intended for minors.