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Day 4: Buy 5 Hillary's Hammers (Election Stress Reliever Edition), Get 5 Hillary's Hankys Free!

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12 Days Of Hillary's Hammer Special!!!!


Buy 5 Hillary's Hammers (Election Stress Reliever Edition) - Get 5 free Hillary's Hanky's. If you order 2 sets, you'd get 10 Hillary's Hanky™ = $60 off regular pricing. Perfect gift for those who get the Sunday Scaries or need a stress reliever at work.

Want a specific Hanky color(s) in addition to the one you add to your cart? Email us at 310toHuma@hillaryshammers.com.

Check out our friends at The Daily Caller for additional discounts on Day 4!

Stressed out from the election cycle? Did we even have to ask? You're right, we didn't. That was mean. All of us are stressed out! So what better way to relieve stress than with Hillary's Hammer™ (Election Stress Reliever Edition)?

Hammer away - and before you know it you'll be relaxed and good as new. And let's be honest, it's not exactly best practice to be using a hammer or bottle opener all day.

Just remember to keep this sucker close by, because 2020 is right around the corner :). 

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