Hillary's Hammer™ - The Only Hammer (and Bottle Opener) You'll Ever Have to Buy *Site Live For Portfolio Purposes Only. To Purchase, contact OrderHillarysHammers@gmail.com
Day 5: Buy all 10 Hillary's Hankys, get a Hamptons Edition Free!

Day 5: Buy all 10 Hillary's Hankys, get a Hamptons Edition Free!

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12 Days Of Hillary's Hammer Special!!!!
Buy all Hillary's Hanky's and get one Hampton's Edition Free! $80 off regular pricing.
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Now you too can have Hillary's infamous cloth she used to wipe her server clean! Hillary's Hanky™ is now available for all of America to own!


Popular uses for Hillary's Hanky™:

  • Wipe server clean
  • Wipe your face
  • Clean your smart phone
  • Clean your glasses
  • Blow your nose
  • Pocket square
  • Polish Your Hillary's Hammer™
  • And more!

Hampton's Edition - Product Description

Love her or hate her, we all know this: Hillary knows how to hammer in style. Now you can too - with the exquisite Hillary's Hammer™. This stunning piece of wood was crafted knowing the rigors of running a campaign - that's why it not only offers the chance to hammer but it gives you the opportunity to unwind with a unique bottle opener. So what are you waiting for? After a sunny day at the beach, enjoy Hillary's Hammer™ (Hamptons Edition).

"If these were in the Goody Bags at her fundraisers, I definitely would have given her enough money to buy the election." - Hamptons Resident

THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DESTROY MOBILE DEVICES. However, it is intended to open bottles and crush crabs. So next time you're thirsty or in the mood for a crab feast, grab Hillary's Hammer™.

*Product Note - While this is a novelty item, the wood side of the hammer can be used for crab feasts! After use, we recommend hand washing as opposed to putting them in the dish washer because the wood will expand.

Other mallets are used in the picture to give you a view into each side of the mallet. One side shows a bottle opener. The other shows a wood base. Both mallets come with this order!

Price includes all applicable tax.

Ship Date: This deplorable has a day job. So, product will ship over the weekend. 

*Quotes are fictitious and not attributed to real people.

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