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The United States of Hillary's Hammers Challenge

The United States of Hillary's Hammers Challenge

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We have had an overwhelming response to the Hillary's Hammers craze. Now everyone can Hammer Like Hillary - well at least those of us in 33 states and the District of Columbia. There is still some work to do. That's why we've started The United States of Hillary's Hammers challenge. If you are the first one in your state to purchase one (any state in grey), we will include a second hammer on us! While this promotion is running, we'll also take care of those states that already have a Hillary's Hammer in-state. Each new purchase (from any red or blue state) will receive a stress reliever on us. If that's not enough, we're including a Hillary's Hanky with every new order (whether your state is red, blue, or grey).

When we set out to get a Hillary's Hammer in every home in America, we weren't joking around. And today, we're stepping up. For those states who haven't gotten in on the fun, what's your excuse? Step up.

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*Note - the extra hammer / stress reliever will not show up in cart. We're tracking each order as they come in. Assure you will get the extra hammer (if you are first) / stress reliever!


Product Description:

Love her or hate her, we all know this: Hillary knows how to hammer in style. Now you can too - with the exquisite Hillary's Hammer™. This stunning piece of steel was crafted knowing the rigors of running a campaign - that's why it not only offers the chance to hammer but it gives you the opportunity to unwind with a unique bottle opener. So what are you waiting for? After a long day's work, enjoy Hillary's Hammer™.


However, it is intended to open bottles and crush ice. So next time you're thirsty, grab Hillary's Hammer™.

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Ship Date: This deplorable has a day job. So, product will ship over the weekend. 

Caution: This is a novelty product and should not be used to do actual construction work. This product is not intended for minors.